is a site dedicated to sifting through the mountainous pile of hot garbage passing itself off as entertainment each broadcast season. We will attempt to help you suffer as little as possible as you try to find just one show that doesn’t totally destroy your belief that someone is still capable of making a quality animation.

This site is for a mature audience. There will be strong language. Many of the best animations deal with “adult” topics like sexuality, violence, and death. Many terrible animations deal with “adult” topics like sexuality, sexuality, and sexuality.

Articles will be posted offering critiques, recommendations, and ratings for emerging animations. The aim of these articles is to offer thoughtful insight beyond the simple plot synopses most sites call reviews. BA is about figuring out what’s worth your time, not reading aimless lists of spoilers.

Our goal is to help busy adults make educated decisions on how to invest their viewing time. By necessity, this means that we have to be picky with our suggestions. Most shows won’t get recommendations, but if your particular flavor of the month isn’t chosen for our stamp of approval, feel free to discuss why you love it (in a civil way) in the comment section of the relevant article.

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